How To Prepare Your UAE Home Before A Vacation?

How To Prepare Your UAE Home Before A Vacation?

It’s the start of vacation season in UAE. Martyrs’ Day and National Day followed by Christmas, New Year and winter break for schools and colleges provide a lot of opportunities to embark on a long break. But before you go on vacation, you should prepare your home well so that no untoward incident happens in your absence. Here is an ultimate guide for preparing your home for a vacation.

  • Clean all the rooms: Do a thorough cleaning of all the rooms especially kitchen and bathroom. Keep everything in its respective place. Fold the carpet and rugs so that it does not get dusty. Make sure that soiled clothes are washed and garbage is disposed of properly. Clear the refrigerator and clean it. After all, you do not want to enter a stinky and unorganized house once you are back.


    Clean all rooms especially kitchen.

  • Unplug all electric appliances: Electric appliances, however small it may be, consumes electricity if it is plugged in. Hence, it is not only essential that you switch off the power supply but you should also unplug all electrical appliances. Few of the appliances that need special mention are TV, Wifi, refrigerator and washing machine.

Unplug all your electric appliances.

  • Prepare the plants: If you are going for long vacation, you can request your friends or neighbors to water the plants once or twice a week. For short vacations, you can use any of the self-watering techniques or use hydro bubbles.

    Prepare your plants.

  • Stop newspaper delivery: Newspapers and letters piling up on your front door are a sure sign that the occupants of the house are on vacation. Inform your newspaper agency beforehand itself that you will not be available on such and such date. If you are expecting any courier, inform the courier agency to hold the letter or parcel till you are back from vacation.

Don’t forget to stop newspapers delivery.

  • Prepare for weather changes: Winter is the time when UAE experiences rain even though it may not last for more than 5-6 days. If you are staying in an apartment, make sure that the balcony is empty so that things do not get wet in the rain. In the case of villas, cover the garden furniture and any other accessories you have with a plastic sheet. If possible, remove hammock and garden swing and store it in the garage.

    Rain in UAE.

  • Inform a friend: Always remember to inform your friend or relative before going on vacation and ask them to keep a check on your home. In the case of apartments, you can ask the next-door neighbor to keep a watch of your flat. You can even hand over the house key to them in case they need to check on something.

If your vacation was finalized at short notice and you are running short of time to clean and organize the house, you can always seek professional help. You just have to give a call to Justmop. Our professional cleaners will be at your doorstep to do a thorough scrubbing and cleaning of your home.

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