It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

It’s not a big secret that our favourite time of the year is Christmas. We see Christmas everywhere we look. But this might be because everything around us is Christmasy. We want to share a few ideas for Christmas decorations, presents, table decorations and appetizers with all Christmas addicts out there.

1) A few decoration ideas for your home sweet home.

Little touches will bring Christmas spirit into your house. Not just set up your Christmas tree but use decors to make your place more Christmasy.

  • Let’s start with the entrance. Hang an holiday wreath on your door so holiday spirit welcomes you every time you come back home. If you have time and like doing DIY projects, we have the most easy idea for a wonderful holiday wreath. Grab your coat hanger, ornaments and glue gun if you have, and create wreaths to your taste.

The easiest DIY holiday wreath for your door.

Turn your wire hanger into an holiday wreath.

  • Put some Christmasy decoration outside of your door to meet your guests with holiday joy. If you can find big lanterns fill them with ornaments or big candles.

Big lanterns filled with holiday colour will carry the holiday spirit outdoor.

  • If you have shutters it’s a perfect spot to decorate. Use plastic pine branches and other decors to carry the holiday spirit on your windows.

Shutters are perfect spot to decorate.

  • Don’t limit your holiday mood just to your living room. The kitchen is also another place you spend time with your loved ones or alone. You can hang holiday wreaths on your windows to bring the mood with a tiny touch.

Hang holiday wreaths on your kitchen windows.

  • Or few touches for your bedroom. So you can wake up to the holiday mood.

Few touches for your bedroom will bring the holiday mood.

  • If you want to try a minimalist decoration this Christmas you can simply hang a branch and hang few things on it. It will look simple and chic.

A simple and chic Christmas decoration.

  • Wherever you use candles it will make the place warm and cozy. Put them in big or small jars. You can also fill them with water and use tea lights with cranberries and rosemary sprigs.

Candles will make your place warm and cozy.

You can put tealight candles in different size jars.

  • This is an amazing DIY project. We are sure you and your guests will love it! It’s not possible to find pine cones in Dubai but you can try this one if you can find craft pine cones. You have to mix 3/4 bleach and 1/4 water in a bucket and press the pine cones with rocks. Let them stay like that for 48 hours. If they are not bleached as much as you want repeat the process. Then you can bake them or let them dry under the sun to make them open up.

Bleached pine cones will suit your holiday decorations.

2) We all try to find unique presents every year and it’s not getting any easier. Maybe this year you can try DIY presents to make your loved ones smile.

  • Hot Cocoa Kits

For this DIY you need tubes, glue, ribbon, rubber bands, ornaments. Fill the tubes with hot cocoa mix, mini marshmallows, candy, peppermint balls, and cookies separately. Glue ribbon and ornaments as you wish and use rubber bands to fix the tubes. Isn’t it sweet?

Hot cocoa kits are for you as well as for your loved ones.

  • Beetle In A Jar Snow Globe

Beetle lovers will lose their mind in this one. Of course you can use other models or completely different objects for your project. But we have a crush on this one. It’s super easy and will take only five minutes to make one. You need a jar, an object, a plastic pine tree, fake snow, bells or ornaments, and twine. If tree has a plastic piece at the bottom cut it off. Place the fake snow into the jar. Secure tree on the car with the help of twine. Fix the car into the jar with glue if you wish. Tie ribbons and bells around the cannon lid. Super cute and easy!

Easy but lovely DIY Christmas gift idea.

  • Peppermint Bath Salt Ornaments

Another super easy but cool DIY Christmas gift idea. Mix 2 cups epsom salt, 2 tbp baking soda, and a few drops of peppermint oil. After mixing all put it two separate bowls and add red food colouring to one. Use a funnel to start filling the ornaments. Put few spoons of white and few spoons of red, keep filling until it’s completely full.

Prepare the bath salt and fill the ornaments.

  • Dip Mix Ornaments

Be careful before trying this because you have to check if the ornament you can find is food safe or not. Use lightbulb ornaments for this project. Instead of buying a package mix, create your own mixes. It will make your gift more valuable.

Find food safe lightbulb.

3) Table decorations and centerpieces have an important role. You don’t have try hard to make it look chic.

  • Cranberry Place Cards

If you are throwing a big Christmas dinner for all of your family and friends you can pute these place cards on every plate. It’s the definite Christmasy touch for your dinner table. String 10 cranberries onto a wire. Twist the wire around and add a piece of tree trimmings. Twist another piece of tree trimmings to make it look rich. Use a flag shaped name tag for the final touch. It’s just perfect.

Great idea for Christmas dinner table.

  • Candles

If you have ornaments left after decorating every possible place in your house well maybe you can use the rest for this idea. Find different size wine glasses and fill them with ornaments. Place candles on the top.

A chic idea for your table.

  • Silverware Stocking

These little socks look adorable on the table. They will make your Christmas table look funny and cute.

Cutest idea for your silverware.

  • Origami Napkin

Origami fans will love this. Folding the napkin in a Christmas tree shape is not easy as it seems but the effort will worth to see your guest’s face.

Christmas tree shape napkins will make your guests smile.

4) If you couldn’t decide on which starters to have for Christmas dinner maybe we can help you with few ideas.

  • Holiday Wreath

Edible wreath, yummy! This will definitely make your guest smile. Just find a big big plate and place different kind cheese cubes, sliced salami, ham, green and black olives. Add crackers or slived breads if you wish. Finish it up with rosemary stags.

Delicious wreath for your guests.

  • Christmas Tree Cheese Plate

Or you can make it a Christmas tree instead of holiday wreath. This looks delicious as much as the other one.

Delicious Christmas tree ever!

  • Gingerbread Terrariums

These are so beautiful we are not sure if anyone can eat these. Use your imagination to fill jars. Bake a cake, crumble in piece and place it on the bottom of the jar. Add shredded coconut, pretzels and cookies. It’s amazing and delicious, if you can eat it.

Amazing and delicious terrariums.

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