It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

For us holiday season starts mid November. If you are addicted to the holiday session as much as we are you probably set up your Christmas tree already. But if you haven’t set it up yet by chance we have some wonderful ideas for you if you’re looking for a change this year.

Wagging Branches

These ones are our favourite. They look absolutely lovely and different. It might not be easy to find tree branches in Dubai but you can keep this one in mind when or if you celebrate Christmas in a different climate. You can easily find dry tree branches while walking in a park or a forest. All you have to do is to tie all branches from shortest to longest approximately the same space apart. You can decorate your branch made Christmas tree with help of nails. It’s PERFECT!

Decorate them with lights.

Put a star on the top.

Don’t forget the presents.











If someone made fun of you before about the only thing you haven’t decorated so far is your ladder, well it’s time to show them how amazing it would be to actually do it. We are sure they will be jealous – or hate themselves for inspiring you. Too late! They should have known that they shouldn’t make fun of a Christmas addict.

You can use a long ladder to hang many ornaments.

Or you can just use what you have in the house.











Branch Ladder

If you don’t have a ladder you can make one with the dry branches you can find in a park or forest – if you are not celebrating Christmas in Dubai. Sorry, but this one is too cool, we can not keep it just for ourselves. Just tie all the branches together in the shape of a ladder. You can even hang little presents on it.

If you don’t have a ladder, build one with branches.

Green Tree Branches

We found lovely ideas with pine tree branches but why wouldn’t we try doing the same with palm tree branches? You can hang a palm tree branch with ornaments or you can put palm tree branches in vases and decorate them with Christmas ornaments. Challenge accepted.

Make a simple Christmas tree with pine tree branches.

Or just put few big branches in vases.











Dry Branches

These ones are very minimalist and chic. If you can’t find dry branches to make one maybe you can try to find fake ones with lights on it. It will bring a Scandinavian style to your house. Fix the branch on the floor or just put it in a basket and fill it with Christmas presents.

Spare a corner for the mood.

Try Scandinavian style this year.










And put all the present in the basket to fix the tree.

Hang few ornaments on your fake dry branches.










Wooden Board

These wooden Christmas tree formed boards give you the freedom to put, hang or pin what ever you wish on them. It will definitely bring a smooth Christmas mood into your space.

Or pin ornaments.

You can hang notes.










Wood Stick Christmas Tree

This one will conquer the minimalist in you. It’s simple and beautiful. If you admire Scandinavian style you can also try this lovely Christmas tree.

Show your style.

Simple and chic.










Pine Tree Shaped Shelves

If you want to keep Christmas spirit for a long time you can hang four or five shelves from shortest to longest. It will make a pine tree shape. You can decorate the shelves with Christmas ornaments and decors during holiday season. The rest is up to your imagination for the other seasons.

You don’t have to wait for the Christmas to decorate these pine tree spahed shelves.

Christmas Tree On The Wall

If you can find a big wall sticker shape of a Christmas tree, the rest is easy. You can also try drawing a Christmas tree with a chalk. Hang ornaments and lights with sticky tape. Put Christmas presents under it. Voila!

Just make sure that you can remove the Christmas tree from your wall.

Completely Different Than A Christmas Tree

If you are looking for a something compeletely different than a Christmas tree but want to have the Christmas spirit you can try one of these three ideas. Bookworms will love or hate the first idea. Before you hate it just think how everyone would be impressed by the amount of the book you own. The second one is for the wine lovers. If you collect wine corks you can easily glue them together in shape of a Christmas tree. The last one is for those who really look for a Christmas tree which is not looking like a tree.

For bookworms.

For wine lovers.

For creative minds.

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