Make Your House Smell Amazing

Make Your House Smell Amazing

Imagine you walk into your house and it’s the embodiment of hygge. If you are not familiar with this term hygge is a Danish word and means the art of creating intimacy to the cosiness of the soul to taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things. Little touches would turn your house into a sanctuary of happiness. You can definitely start with changing the smell in your house. The smell is a powerful trigger of emotions. So changing your house smell will change your emotions.

Your house might have an odour you can’t really find what or it might not really smell at all. Either way, there are a few ways you can make your house smell amazing all the time.

First things first. You should send the bad odour out. You can follow these steps and see if the bad odour decreases.

  • Don’t let trash pile up. Take it out regularly never leave it inside overnight.
  • Clean your garbage disposal. Slice lemons and put a piece in each ice cube mould. Then fill each with white vinegar. When they all are frozen you can use them as sanitiser. Every few days throw a handful of these in the garbage disposal and run until they dissolve.

An easy way to clean your garbage disposal is to use lemon ice cubes.

  • Clean out your fridge. Food forgotten in your fridge may cause bad odour to spread into your house. When you clean out your fridge the smell may not go away easily. You can place grounded coffee or a few slices of apple to absorb the smell.
  • Eliminate odours coming from stinky shoes. Sprinkle baking soda inside the shoes and leave it like that until the next use. Tap it out before using them again. Baking soda will absorb the bad odour.
  • Wash your clothes regularly.
  • Clean your house weekly.

Following these steps will ensure your house doesn’t have a bad odour. Now you can pick one of these tricks to make your house smell amazing.

  • Reed diffuser: If you are looking easy ways to make your house smell good, a reed diffuser might be what you are looking for. These little jars add constant fragrance to your home for up to 8 months. Reed diffuser’s scent stays until the oil is gone. You can place it anywhere in your house without worrying about them falling over or catching fire. Just be careful if you have pets and toddlers around. It might be safer to leave it somewhere where they can’t reach.
  • Essential oil diffuser: The best part of this essential oil diffuser beside making your house smell great is that it helps you with stress-relief, taking away headaches, boosting energy, reduce anxiety, relaxation and many more. Essential oil diffuser’s scent is not too strong instead it lets off a constant, soft scent. It’s one of our favourite ways of changing the way your house smell as it has health benefits as well.
  • Stovetop potpourri: If you are not interested in diffusers you can make your own scent using your stovetop. The best part is that you will be using herbs and seasonal fruits to make the perfect scent for your house. Since it’s almost summer we suggest you try this recipe: slice citrus fruits, use 1 can pineapple juice and 1 tbsp coconut extract. Fill the pot with water add the ingredients and simmer.
  • Bonus: Candles are another amazing way to change the smell in your house while giving a cosy look. You have to be careful not to damage the surface you are lighting the candle and also avoid your pets or toddlers to contact. Another way is to bake your favourite cookie or cake. It will change the air and also will make the household happy.

Nothing would compare to smelling freshly baked cookies.

Keep in mind that the best fragrance for your house would be the scent of a deep cleaned house. You can book recurring home cleaning sessions or a deep cleaning session for your home. Have a look at the Justmop website to find a cleaning service of your choice.

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