National Day Home Decoration Ideas

National Day Home Decoration Ideas

In a few days time, the country will be celebrating its 46th national day. The whole nation is decked up in a festive mood. With the government declaring a three-day break for the entire country and the various shops and commercial establishments offering special national day discount it is the time of merrymaking for one and all.

When the whole country is immersed in the colours of the national flag – red, green, white and black – it is quite natural that you also feel the vibe. If you are planning to decorate your home for this special occasion here are a few exciting ideas.

1) Hang up buntings: Nothing speaks for itself like buntings in the colour of the national flag. You can either purchase it from the shop or make buntings using craft paper or cloth. Alternatively, you can also take a print of the flag and hang it in a string. Remember to place it in a strategic location like the entrance door or window so that it is visible to others.

2) Use Balloons: Balloons are the in thing when it comes to decoration. Buy balloons in red, white, green and black colour and hang it inside the house. You can either hang it on the ceiling or make a bunch and stick it on the wall. Whichever way it is used, balloons are sure to add a festive mood inside the house.

 3) Do up a Wreath: Make a beautiful wreath with ribbons and pompoms, stick it on the entrance door. You can also use it as a wall décor.

 4) Change the upholstery: Changing the entire upholstery can be very expensive. Instead, you can change the cushion cover to match the theme of the season. You can even place a long cloth in the colour of the national flag as a chair or sofa back.

 5) Jazz up your dining table: Use the colours of the national flag to decorate your dining table. You can go for napkins, plates and even dishes that match the colour of the flag. If your dining chair is upholstered, then pin up the colour of the day on the chair.

6) Home décor accessories: If you are of the artistic type, then you can make home décor accessories as per your taste and preference. Make pompoms in the colour of the national flag and place it inside a flower vase. Or take a bottle and wrap it in yarn that matches the colour of the flag.

Last but not the least remember to hang the national flag above the house or on the balcony. Let the whole world know of your love for the beloved UAE.

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