New Cleaning Habits For The Upcoming Year

New Cleaning Habits For The Upcoming Year

Every last day of the year we promise ourselves to be a better version of ourselves. But we usually end up where we started. It might sound a bit cliche but new year actually means 365 blank pages to be filled. If you know how to fill the pages you might end up with a novel. To make this happen all you need might be a little bit of extra time to spare for yourself. When you change your cleaning habits you will be surprised how much time you can spare for other things. Keep reading all the wrong you have been doing all this time. Now it’s time to change them!

Decluttering: Don’t say I’ll do it tomorrow. You know you won’t and things will keep piling up. It’s actually shocking how much free time you end up with when you declutter your house on a daily basis. You probably think why to declutter when I can find what I look for or decluttering is overrated. Just give it a chance to see how it increases your quality of life. Research shows that it’s almost impossible to focus anything or fall asleep in a cluttered room. Even if you think you don’t mind it you subconsciously do. Decluttering should be your motto for the upcoming year.

Organising: These two topics are related. If you work on your organisation skills you will have less clutter around. If you don’t know where to start here is a clue for you. Get three boxes and separate your stuff to donate, sell or throw away. Fill these boxes accordingly. When they are full enough you know what you have to do with them. Always keep these boxes around. They are handy when it comes to organising your house. Never forget our motto ‘less is more’! When you get rid of your extra stuff it will also be easy to really organise your closet, kitchen or any area.

Place three baskets in a room and put things in them to donate, sell and throw away.

Cleaning: We all hate household chores, maybe we can tolerate a few but rest is just a torture. And it’s just like clutter when you don’t step in as the dust piles up and up. But if you have a cleaning routine on a daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally and yearly basis everything would stay under control. All of these topics mean deep cleaning, sofa cleaning, soft cleaning, mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning and more. It may sound overwhelming but if you know what to do and when to do it it’s not scary at all. But we have to admit that it requires time and effort. So the best thing you might actually do for yourself this new year could be hiring a full-time maid. While your full-time maid deals with everything you can spare time for yourself, family or your house.

Commitment: Yes! Commit to all of those above. If you skip one task don’t let it go! Make it happen the next day. If you find a way to commit to your new year cleaning habits you might have the best relaxed year ever. You won’t believe how much weight it puts on your shoulders.

When you feel overwhelmed or intimated by any of those tasks just know that Justmop is a phone call away. You can seek professional help any time.

Happy new year! We wish this year you can accomplish everything you wrote down on your to-do list!

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