Packing Tips For Move In & Out

Packing Tips For Move In & Out

There is nothing more tiring and stressful as moving out from your current home. The anxiety and agony of moving out coupled together with the stress of packing and organizing can leave you exhausted. But moving out is a part of UAE life, and it is unavoidable. The only solution to this is to plan things well ahead especially while packing your household items.

Here are a few tips that can help you ease the stress of moving out

Organize items: Before you start packing, organize all the items. Dispose of what you no longer require. You can even conduct a garage sale or donate unwanted items to charity.

Stock up on boxes: You can check with the nearby grocery store for cardboard boxes for packing. It can even be purchased online from packing companies. The best is to keep the original packing as moving out is a part of UAE life.

You can find boxes from the nearby grocery store.

Packing essential items: Always pack those items that you need on the first day of moving out in a clear plastic bag. This will make it easy for you to locate it. Utensils, clothes, etc. are a few of the items that you can pack in this box.

Packing fragile items: If you are moving out to a nearby location, try to wrap the fragile item in thick clothes like blanket and thermals. This not only reduces the use of bubble wrap but also let you pack your cloth as well. For extra padding, your socks come handy. While packing plates, remember to keep them vertically to prevent breakage.

Packing liquid items: While packing items that are likely to leak like toiletries and cleaning products, put a plastic sheet on the opening and then close it with a lid. For double protection, you can wrap it up with a thick cloth. This helps in preventing leakage during transit.

Small items: Small items like nut and bolt of furniture can be lost easily. It is best to store it in a sandwich bag. The same can be attached to the body of the disassembled furniture which makes it easy to locate.

Electronic items: Before disassembling electronic items, remember to take a photograph of the wiring part. This comes handy while assembling the same later on. For the refrigerator, defrost it one day ahead and clean it dry. Dishwasher and washing machine should also be made dry before cleaning.

Labelling: Labelling makes it easy to locate the items. It is best to pack the items room wise and label it accordingly. This way even movers know which room to keep the box. You can even use tape of a specific color for each room.

Labelling will help to move in easily.

Last but not the least, remember to count the number of boxes and make a note of the same. You can even note down the number of boxes that go to each room which makes your task easier.

If you feel like overwhelmed by moving in and out you can find a cleaning company with moving and cleaning services.

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