Simple Changes For a More Sustainable Kitchen

Simple Changes For a More Sustainable Kitchen

We feel so motivated today about changing things in a positive way for the earth as well as for ourselves. We wanted to share this motivation by showing you very simple changes you can make in your kitchen to have a more sustainable kitchen. You can take baby steps and phase the change in. Start with what you have in the house and feel the change, the rest will follow.

This eco-friendly change will also be a good reason for deep kitchen cleaning. Empty every closet, countertop and drawer. Only put necessary things back. Less stuff will help you to stay organised and assist in deep cleaning.

Glass containers: Updating your food and dry legumes containers to glass is the biggest and most important step you can take for an eco-friendly kitchen. Glass is longer lasting and chemical free which means your food is in good hands away from all those weird chemicals. If you chose the right glass product you can use them in oven, freezer and also for packing lunch.

Biodegradable sponges: Replace your kitchen cleaning materials with biodegradable sponges. These sponges are made with all natural fibres from hemp, agave and cotton. You can find it in many different shapes according to your needs. You can wash them when they get dirty and when they are not good enough for your kitchen they will be good for a while for your bathroom and sink cleaning. When they are completely useless compost them.

Biodegradable sponges are all natural and you can compost them when they are no good any more.

Dish towels: Cloth dish towels can work better than paper towels. You can wash it and use it over and over again until they start falling in pieces. When they lose their shape they can be used for other cleaning purposes like biodegradable sponges.

Homemade multi-surface cleaner: Making your own cleaning materials are always cheaper and healthier than using many commercial products. You can simply create your own by mixing white vinegar and water. Store the solution in a glass spray bottle in your kitchen.

Beeswrap: This one is perfect for you, your family and for the planet. We use a huge amount of plastic wrap contain leftovers or lunch etc. Replacing this habit with bees wrap will make a huge difference. Beeswrap is made from natural materials such as cloth and beeswax. Beeswrap is reusable, just rinse with warm water and dry it before the next usage. When it stops working compost it.

Beeswrap is safe for your food as well as the planet.

Stasher bags: Just as we use a huge amount of plastic wrap we also use ziplocks and plastic sandwich bags. You can replace them with silicone ones. They are reusable and dishwasher safe. Don’t toss your plastic bags until they fall in pieces but when they do recycle them.

Cloth shopping bags: You can easily opt cloth shopping bags instead of plastic ones. They are long lasting and washable. Keep a few in your car as well as in your bag.

Buy bulk: If you are going to buy packaged goods opt for buying bulk. It’s a great way to reduce packaging waste and saving money.

Little changes in your way of living towards a more green life might be big for the planet. Start today and encourage your family and friends for a better future. It’s easier than you think. Justmop is one of the leading companies in Dubai to promote ecological cleaning. Justmop provides ecological cleaning which is good for you and for the planet. Don’t waste any more time and book an ecological cleaning session now!

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