Smart Ways To Organize Your Kids’ Closet

Smart Ways To Organize Your Kids’ Closet

Does your morning ritual include running around the house trying to figure out where you (or your kid) left that school tie? Do you spend a good time of the weekend looking for your tiny tot’s ballet shoe? Then you are not alone. As parents, most of us go through this hunting spree. How much ever we try to keep the kids closet organized, there are times when things go out of hand.

Then why not try some smart ways to organize your kids closet? It not only provides a neat and clean look to the room but also helps in locating those precious things at the nick of the time.

Storage bins: Storage bins can be used to store any item like clothes, accessories and even footwear. Label all the bins and ask your child to store all items in the respective bins. Alternatively, you can also purchase bins of different colors to store different items. While large bins can be used to store clothes, smaller ones can be used for accessories like socks and badges. You should clean and organize the bins periodically to ensure that everything is kept properly.

Laundry bin: Along with storage bin, a laundry bin should also be included in the closet so that all soiled clothes can be stored in it.

Provide laundry basket inside the closet.

Open shelving: Use open shelves to store items like shoes and other footwear. This makes it easy to locate the items when in a hurry. If you are short of space inside the closet, stackable baskets can also be used to store footwear.

Hangers: Clothes that are used once after washing should be hung in the hanger. Teach your child how to use and neatly organize the hanger. Remember to hang all the clothes low so that it is easily reachable.

Use hangers to organize clothes.

Sticker hooks: Fix a sticker hook onto the door of the closet and hang items like tie and belt. This makes it easy to locate and store later.

Hanging organizer: Attach a hanging organizer to the door of the closet or on its side to store small toys, books and other small gadgets.

It is advisable to purchase a closet that is neither too big nor too small so that kids of all age group can use it. In case the closet is big, remember to provide a step stool for the kids to access the top shelves.


  1. Beth Bishop - May 4, 2017 reply

    Several clever closet design ideas make this bedroom feel larger, with a storage space pretty enough to go doorless. A snappy green coat of paint livens the space and incorporates it into the room’s decorating scheme. Stacking drawers and shelves provide easy storage that stays clutter-free. The ready-to-assemble storage units can be reconfigured to accommodate longer hanging clothes in the future.

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