Ways To Reduce Paper Towel Consumption At Home

Ways To Reduce Paper Towel Consumption At Home

If you are to name an accessory that is an indispensable part of a modern day home the answer would be paper towel. Yes, paper towel has occupied such an important part in our life that we start panicking even before the last one gets used up. If you believe in green living and would like to contribute to a greener and safer environment, then you should definitely cut down on the use of paper towel as the paper industry is one of the largest contributor towards global warming.

Here are few of the simple ways to reduce the paper towel consumption in your house

Reduce purchase: The first and foremost solution to cut the use of paper towel is to reduce its purchase. We use paper towel more out of habit. If we reduce purchasing the towel and stop placing it at every strategic location of the house, the usage would obviously come down.

Recycle old cloth: One area of the house where we use lot of paper towel is the kitchen. From cleaning the counter top to wiping the dishes, we need paper towel for each and everything. Recycling old clothes is the best way to reduce paper towel consumption in the kitchen. Cut old bedsheets into small pieces and convert it into dishcloth. Similarly, old curtain, t-shirts etc. can also be used for cleaning purpose.

Recycle old clothes.

Use cloth towel: Another purpose for which paper towel is widely used is to wipe the hand dry. Instead of reaching to the paper towel, place a cloth towel next to the sink. This can be used for wiping the hand dry. But remember to change the towel every day for hygienic purpose.

Use hand towel instead of paper towel.

Use squeegee for cleaning: If you have the habit of using paper towel to clean your windows now is the time to replace it with a squeegee. Squeegee not only helps to reduce the usage of paper towel but also helps to clean the windows spic and span. Squeegee can also be used to clean the mirror and shower door.

Use squeegee to clean window.

Use burp cloth: If you have a baby, it would be a common practice to go for paper towel for all those spills and burps. Instead, invest in a couple of good quality burp clothes that can be washed and reused whenever required.

Use cloth napkin for meal time spills: If you have the habit of tucking paper towel onto your kiddie’s shirt every time he/she has a meal, then this is the time to get rid of that habit. Use a cloth bib or napkin instead to collect all those spills and stains.

Use lint free linen to soak oil: If you have the habit of using paper towel to soak oil or butter after frying, then use a lint free linen. This is eco-friendly and at the same time serves its purpose as well.

By reducing the consumption of paper towel, you are not only contributing to the environment but also cutting back on your budget. Both ways you are contributing to your overall well being.

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