Why You Should Get Rid Of Clutter?

Why You Should Get Rid Of Clutter?

We take every possible opportunity to talk about clutter. Keeping good track is not always easy. All we want is to help you to stay motivated and live a clutter-free life. If you need few tricks you can find ways to avoid clutter within 2 minutes here. Let’s have a look the pros and cons, where there are no cons. 🙂

Time: We always complain about not having enough time to do anything. But actually it’s not really the case. We complicate things. A life without clutter would save you the time you envy. Just think for a moment, how much time you spent to find your keys this week, the other pair of your socks or that one main ingredient missing to cook. Wouldn’t it be amazing to use your energy and time to do something better?

If you manage to get rid of the clutter you would have more free time.

Focus: We are not making things up and tricking you to give up clutter, even if we did it would be for a good cause. 🙂 Studies show that clutter decreases your creativity and productivity. This is especially important if you work from home. Even if not still wouldn’t you prefer to spend your days more focused and productive?

It’s easier to focus when there is no clutter around.

Home sweet home: Our home, our sanctuary. Sometimes the time you spend at home is all you need at the end of the day. But would you really enjoy to share your sofa with a pile of cloths? You can turn your home into the house you see in magazines with just few tricks and have yourself the sofa, just for yourself.

Have the sofa just for yourself.

Sleep: Again, studies show that even though you think you don’t mind clutter, subconsciously you do. This makes falling asleep harder and when you do, not very peacefully. But we all know that the best way of staying healthy is to get enough good quality sleep.

It’s not very possible to fall asleep in a room surrounded by clutter.

Money: Do you know the main reason why you have clutter? Because you have too much stuff that you don’t use anymore or never did. If you have less stuff there would definitely be more place for things you actually use. There are three ways for getting rid of your stuff. If it is not possible to use it anymore throw it in the trash bin. If it’s in good condition but you just keep it because you think you might need it one day put it in a box and donate. Last option is to sell them! Go online or go old school and have a garage sale. Make some money!

Make money from your stuff.

Improve: Deep dive and find the main reason why you really have clutter. Are you lazy or a shopaholic? Do you feel overwhelmed or don’t have time? What ever the reason behind it you should find and deal with it.

Our motto is always: LESS IS MORE! Make yourself space to move and live comfortably. Many good things may come from this. Take the opportunity and start a better life!


  1. I love the motto: Less is more. I am happy with my cleaner. You guys are doing a good job. Do you have any services that could help me with decluttering my house?

    • Zeynep Gürtanyel - November 11, 2017 reply

      Hey David! Sorry for our late reply! We are very happy to hear that. Our maids will also help you to declutter your house. Just give us a call and tell what you need when you book a maid.

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