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Types of building cleaning services available in Dubai

Dubai is synonymous with buildings. From the tallest skyscraper in the world to the normal 2 storey residential buildings, one can find a huge array of buildings in the city. Having such a large number of buildings calls for thorough cleaning of these buildings as well.
Majority of the professional cleaning companies in Dubai offer 2 types of building cleaning services - residential and commercial.

Residential cleaning: Residential cleaning otherwise called maid cleaning involves dusting and moping all the rooms of the house. It includes sanitizing and cleaning the bathroom, scrubbing and cleaning the kitchen countertops, vacuuming and cleaning the bedroom and living room and clearing all the trash inside the house. Additional services like deep cleaning of kitchen and bathroom, soft cleaning of the furnishings of the house, move in and move out cleaning and marble polishing is also included in residential cleaning.

Commercial cleaning: Commercial cleaning includes cleaning all the commercial buildings like office buildings, shopping centers and malls. This is usually done before or after the working hours of the business. In certain commercial buildings like malls, the cleaners have to combine the service of both residential and commercial cleaning as malls have residential facilities like pantry and toilet. Normally such cleaning is done on a yearly contract basis. In addition to normal cleaning, soft cleaning in the form of carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning and sofa cleaning is also undertaken as part of commercial cleaning. Another important feature of commercial cleaning is window cleaning. This is comparatively more expensive as the job involved is risky and require specially trained personnel and equipment.Since there is no dearth of buildings in Dubai, building cleaning service has gained widespread acceptance throughout the country. If you have a residential or commercial building and are on the lookout for trustworthy cleaning companies, look no further. Just give us a call and specify your requirements. Our trained staff will be at your service in no time.

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