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Deep Cleaning Abu Dhabi

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How to use essential oil to deep clean your house?

Deep cleaning is not an easy task. It involves a lot of time-consuming work which, when done neatly, can change the overall look of your house. Then why not add some extra titbits to freshen up the interior? Adding essential oil to your deep cleaning regime not only provides a refreshed look to the room but also leaves your room smelling fresh and clean.

Here are few ways in which essential oil can be incorporated in your deep cleaning job

Cleaning kitchen cabinet: To degrease and clean the kitchen cabinet, fill a spray bottle with 1 cup of vinegar, few drops of liquid soap, 1 tablespoon of baking soda and few drops of your essential oil topped with warm water. Shake the bottle well. Spray this solution on the cabinet and scrub and clean with a sponge. Though any essential oil can be used for this purpose, it is best to use lemon oil as it provides a refreshed feel.

Cleaning kitchen countertop: Fill a spray bottle with 1 cup of white vinegar, 1 cup of water and few drops of tea tree oil and grapefruit essential oil. Shake well before use as the essential oil tend to float on the top. Spray this solution on the kitchen counter and wipe it down with a cloth or sponge.

Cleaning bathtub: Mix ½ cup of baking soda, ½ cup of washing soda, ½ cup of liquid soap and few drops each of peppermint oil, lemon oil and tea tree essential oil to form a paste. Apply this on the bathtub and scrub and clean the tub. This will not only clean the tub but also provides a refreshed look to it.

If deep cleaning your house with essential oil is not an easy task for you, Justmop is here to help you. Please specify your requirement at the time of booking and our staff will clean as per your requirement. To book your service download our app right away.

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