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Best Professional floor polishing services in Abu Dhabi

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How to keep your marble bright and shiny?

There is no stone as bright and shiny as a marble. It is because of this same reason that marble is widely used nowadays for flooring, slabs and countertops. Though it is easy to clean and maintain, retaining the sheen and brightness of the marble for a long time is a rather challenging task. But there are simple tips that can extend the lifespan of the marble and retain its brightness.

  • Using marble sealers: Though marble is a very beautiful piece of stone its main disadvantage is that it can absorb moisture and stain very fast. Using sealers on top of the marble prevents liquid and stain from going deep inside the marble and damaging it. There are different types of sealers available in the market. Understand the marble properly before purchasing a particular type of sealer.
  • Clean it then and there: In case a spill or stain happens, clean it then and there itself before it penetrates deep into the marble and discolors it. Use a paper towel to blot the liquid or stain and clean it with normal water.
  • Use tray and coasters for placing things: If you have a marble countertop in the kitchen, place a tray in a corner for placing oil, juice and other stain-causing material. In case of marble table top, use coasters below tea and coffee cups.
  • Use doormat: Soil and other dust particles can leave scratches on the marble. To prevent this place a doormat at the entrance so that no soil or dust enters the house.

Even after taking all the above precautions, if your marble floor gets stained or dirty do not worry. Help is at hand in the form of Our professional marble polishers are well trained in the task and they can do a thorough cleaning and polishing of your marble. To book an appointment download our app right away.

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