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Professional and Reliable School Cleaning Service from Justmop

School Cleaning Service from Justmop

Cleanliness and hygiene is of utmost importance in any educational institution. This is especially so in case of school campus where infections are likely to spread very fast. Even though schools have their own school cleaner to undertake all basic cleaning activities, a professional help is essential for thorough cleaning.  Moreover, a neat and clean school creates a good impression in the mind of parents and visitors and helps the kids to concentrate better at the task in hand.

We, at Justmop, provide the following school cleaning services

Cleaning the reception: Reception is the area that creates a first impression about the school. We do a thorough cleaning of the reception area including vacuuming carpets and sofa, dusting and cleaning any décor pieces and wall displays apart from the regular moping and cleaning the floor.
Classroom/staffroom Cleaning: Here each and every classroom is thoroughly dusted and moped. Chairs, tables, lights, windows and doors are wiped clean with disinfectants. All trash cans are emptied and the walls are scrubbed and cleaned of any dirt.

Library Cleaning: All books in the library are thoroughly dusted and cleaned. The floor is swept and moped and all furniture are also cleaned properly.

Washroom Cleaning: A school washroom is the powerhouse of germs. And this is the area where a thorough deep cleaning is required. Apart from normal washing and cleaning of the washroom, all dirt is removed from between the tiles. Washbasins are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with proper chemicals.

Store cleaning: We thoroughly clean all the furniture in the store like storage cabinet, chairs and table. Floor is properly swept and mopped and walls are also cleaned of any dirt.

Cleaning common area: This includes the corridor, auditorium and waiting area, if any. The professional cleaners in Justmop are trusted and experienced in school cleaning and has also undergone a thorough background check. All you have to do is call us or send an email and we will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements

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