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School Cleaning Abu Dhabi

School Cleaning Abu Dhabi

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Types of school cleaning services in Abu Dhabi

Cleanliness is of utmost importance in any educational institution, whether it is school, college or university. Lack of cleanliness can affect the concentration level of students and their overall grasping power. Since the students confine themselves to a class room for close to 7 hours a day, the chances of infections spreading fast are very high. Hence, there is a need to thoroughly clean and disinfect the school rooms and its surroundings. 

There are mainly two types of cleaning undertaken in schools in Abu Dhabi – Regular and weekly cleaning. 

Regular cleaning: This includes dusting and moping all the classrooms, corridor, dining area, library, playground and reception. The toys in the kindergarten section should be cleaned and disinfected. Special attention should be provided to cleaning the toilet as it will be stinky by the end of the day. The toilet should be cleaned using special cleaning products that not only remove stains and dirt but also disinfect the entire toilet.

Weekly cleaning: This includes dusting and cleaning all the cabinets and equipment in the library, classrooms, computer rooms and laboratories, trimming the grass and cleaning the school garden, deep cleaning the sofa, carpet and curtain in the reception and auditorium and cleaning the pool. Since the windows tend to get dusty very fast, it should also be cleaned on a weekly basis.  

Unlike other commercial buildings, cleaning in school requires special care and attention as it is home to a growing generation. Proper and thorough cleaning ensure that the school environment is free from all disease-causing microbes and is a safer abode for the little ones.  

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