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Sofa Cleaning Services in Dubai

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Things to consider before undertaking sofa cleaning in Dubai

Sofa cleaning is not an easy task. But there are times when cleaning sofa on your own becomes unavoidable. If the sofa upholstery is a lighter shade and it gets stained, then spot cleaning the sofa is very important. In such circumstances, there are certain things that you should consider.  

  • If the stain or dirt is spread over a large area, always test the cleaning product in a smaller, hidden area of the sofa before applying it all over. This way you can test shrinkage of upholstery and colorfastness of the cleaning product.  
  • In case of detachable fabric upholstery, it is always advisable to remove the same from the furniture before cleaning. This way the foam of the sofa can be protected. 
  • Always keep the cleaning products away from the wood surface of the sofa as sometimes it can leave stains on the wood.  
  • In case of liquid spills, always blot the liquid with a paper towel before applying any cleaning solution. In case of solid spills like food, scoop it out with a spatula before cleaning the sofa.  
  • Always avoid rubbing the stain as it can easily spread and damage the fabric.  
  • In case of fabric upholstery, keep a lint roller in stock. This will make it easy to remove hair and other dust particles from the sofa before cleaning it.  
  • Stubborn stains can never be cleaned in one sitting. Once you clean the stain leave it for few hours to become dry. If the stain is still visible follow the procedure once again.  

Though sofa cleaning might appear to be an easy task, it may not be so especially in case of stubborn stains and dirt. In such a situation, it is best to seek professional help as they will have the right cleaning solution and equipment to undertake a thorough cleaning.  

In case you wish to get your sofa cleaned, download our app right away. Our professional team will bring back the lost sheen in your sofa within no time.  

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