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Soft Cleaning Services & Companies

Book any home service you need in a few clicks. All you need to do is to decide which service you need and click on the respective home service icon. Whether you need to get your shirt ironed for a night out or to get your sofa sanitized and cleaned like new, there is a top-rated Justmop professional to make it happen.

We have years of soft cleaning services expertise

Soft cleaning from Justmop

Soft cleaning is a concept that is new to Dubai residents. What is soft cleaning? It is nothing but cleaning the soft furnishing of your house like sofa, carpet and curtains. Because of the peculiar weather condition of Dubai, the soft furnishings like sofa and curtain become dusty very fast. Soft cleaning ensures that dust and mites are completely removed and all the furnishings are properly disinfected.

We, at Justmop, undertake the following types of soft cleaning

  • Sofa cleaning: Our professional team undertake a thorough cleaning and vacuuming of your sofa. Initially, our team studies your sofa upholstery including fiber, backing and filler used. This helps us in determining the type of cleaning to be undertaken. Once done, an industrial vacuum cleaner is used to remove sand and soil from the sofa.  The upholstery is then treated with a cleaning agent to remove grease and oil. A hot water extraction machine is then used to suck out water and other cleaning agents.
  • Mattress cleaning: A specially engineered mattress cleaning equipment is used to loosen dust, mites and other pollutants in the mattress. This is then vacuumed using a high-power vacuum cleaner. Then a non-chemical disinfectant is sprayed to disinfect the mattress. This process is done on both the sides of the mattress and would take around 20-30 minutes.
  • Curtain cleaning: We undertake both dry and wet curtain cleaning as per the requirement of the clients. Dry curtain cleaning is done with a high quality imported solution and is recommended in houses with good ventilation. For wet cleaning, a pre-loosening cleaning agent is used to clean the curtain which is rinsed and dried.

One of the biggest problem in Dubai is that the indoor air pollution is much higher than outdoor pollution as the air circulation indoor is very less. Soft cleaning improves the indoor air quality by removing the pollutants from your soft furnishing. 

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