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Soft Cleaning Dubai

Soft Cleaning Dubai

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What is soft cleaning and why should you undertake it?

When you think of cleaning service, the first thing that comes to your mind is dusting and cleaning the house. What then is soft cleaning? Soft cleaning involves cleaning the soft furnishings of the house like carpet, sofa, mattress, and curtain. Though we undertake superficial cleaning of all furnishing in the house regularly, this may not be enough in the long run.  

Below are few reasons why you should undertake soft cleaning once in 3-4 months.  

  • Eliminate dust and dirt: Though regular vacuuming of sofa and carpet can remove dust to a certain extent, it is not possible to remove all the microbes with the help of normal vacuum cleaner. A professional cleaning company, on the other hand, make use of powerful vacuum cleaner that is able to absorb all the dust and dirt in your furnishing thereby disinfecting the same.  
  • Remove Stain: You might have used all the commercially available stain removal products to clean your furnishing but fail. Professional cleaners, on the other hand, know exactly what stain it is and how deeply it has penetrated into your sofa or mattress. They know the right product and equipment to use to remove the stain completely.  
  • Saves time: Cleaning the sofa, carpet, mattress, and curtain of your house is not an easy task. It involves a lot of time and physical stress. You need to figure out the right product to use for each of the furnishings, buy those products and learn how to use it. It is difficult to fit in these extra activities in your busy schedule. Professional cleaners know what type of product to use for each type of furnishing and they are able to do the task within a reasonable period of time.  

It is always advisable to undertake soft cleaning of your house once in 3-4 months. This way you are not only able to get rid of all the disease causing harmful germs from your house but also maintain your house clean and fresh throughout. If you need any assistance in soft cleaning, download our app and specify your requirements. We will send our professionally trained team to your house in no time. 

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