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احجـز الآن

Tips for move in and move out cleaning

Relocation is both mentally and physically tiring. Finding a home in the new place, making it liveable, clearing the old home and attending to all your personal matters can leave you physically tiring. On top of this, the landlord can even deduct your deposit if the house is not given back in the original condition. All this calls for a thorough cleaning before moving out.

If you are undertaking all the move out cleaning work on your own, here are a few tips

  • Clear the wall off all the nails, screws or whatever adhesive you have used. Dust the wall off cobwebs and provide a fresh coat of paint.

  • Dust and clean all windows and polish the door knobs if required.

  • Clean all the lights including the switches which are likely to be equally dirty.

  • In the bathroom, clean the bathtub, toilet, and sink. Special attention should be provided to the bathroom cabinets, wall and floor grouts and mirror.

  • In the kitchen, clear all the cabinets and clean it properly. Scrub and clean the kitchen countertop off any oil or grease. In case of a furnished house, remember to clean the kitchen appliances like refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher.

  • In the bedroom clear all the cabinets and clean it well. Remove the blind and curtains and dust the windows.

  • In case of the villa, clear all the plants from the garden. Cut and trim the grass if any and pull out the weeds. You can even provide a quick wash of the garage before the final vacating.

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