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احجـز الآن

How to select the right cleaning company for office cleaning in Abu Dhabi?

Though most of the offices in Abu Dhabi have their own cleaning staff, at least a few of them prefer hiring commercial cleaning companies. The main advantage of hiring a cleaning company is that unlike independent cleaners, most of the cleaning companies provide their service before or after the office hours. Moreover, since they have experience cleaning other office spaces, they will have better knowledge of the cleaning products and equipment to use.  

Here are a few things you need to discuss with the cleaning companies before zeroing in on one 
  • Your cleaning requirements: Cleaning requirements vary from office to office. It depends on the number of employees working in the office, the average footfall of the office and the number and types of rooms in the office. For a large office space with more clients walking in, cleaning twice a day might be required to keep the office spic and span. On the other hand, for a small company with minimum footfall, once a day cleaning is more than enough.  
  • Emergency cleaning service: There are times when emergency cleaning service is required like when a water pipe burst or when the toilet leak. Check with the cleaning company whether they can provide service at shorter notice.  
  • Experience of the company: Check with the company about their experience in office cleaning before deciding on one. The more experienced the company is, the better the service they will be able to provide.  
  • References: Always check for references before deciding on a company. You can even read the company’s review online before taking the final call.  
Selecting the right cleaning company in Abu Dhabi is not a cumbersome task as there are a lot of companies offering quality service. If you are looking for one such company that offers quality service at an affordable rate, look no further. Download our app and specify your requirement and our team will be at your disposal in no time.