10 Autumn Cleaning Checklists For UAE Residents

10 Autumn Cleaning Checklists For UAE Residents

Unlike in the western countries, where autumn is synonymous with cool weather, falling leaves and beautiful colors all over, the autumn in UAE is quite different. This is one of the best seasons in the country when the weather is neither cold nor hot and people can venture outside and enjoy nature. As such, outdoor activities especially garden parties take center stage. Here are 10 autumn cleaning hacks you can follow in UAE.

1) Dusting: Autumn is the transition time from summer to winter and hence more dust is likely to accumulate during this season. Make sure that you do a thorough dusting of all the furniture and décor pieces in your house.


Dust all home decor items.

2) Air conditioner: Winter in UAE is pretty cool and hence you may not require air conditioner during the coming months. If the air conditioner has an outdoor vent, cover it properly so that dust does not accumulate and there is no air leakage.

3) Cleaning humidifier: You might require humidifiers during the dry winter months in UAE.  Hence, clean the inside compartments and replace old filters.

4) Repair and clean outdoor furniture: Autumn is the time when you can wind up and relax in your garden. If your outdoor furniture has been unattended for too long, there is a chance that dust and dirt might have accumulated. This is the time to clean and repair outdoor furniture.

Clean your outdoor furniture.

5) Clean the pool: If you are lucky enough to have a pool in your villa, autumn is the time to clean it as you might use it more frequently during the coming days.

Clean your the pool.

6) Clean the vehicles: Dune bashing is one of the favorite adventure sport in UAE. And Autumn is the best time for such adventures as the climate will be at its best. If you have desert bikes or 4-wheel drive vehicles that are used exclusively for this purpose, you can dust and clean it as you might use it more frequently.

Clean your vehicles.

7) Washing curtain and blinds: Wash and clean the curtain and blinds to get rid of the dust and dirt that might have accumulated during the humid summer months.

8) Clean the windows: Just like curtains, windows also need a thorough cleaning as it is continuously exposed to the outside dirt.

9) Clean the light fixtures: Light fixtures are the most neglected part of any home décor. Even though light fixtures are less likely to become dirty when compared to other fittings, dust can settle on its top after a sandstorm.

Clean your light fixtures.

10) General cleaning using disinfectant: Apart from the above cleaning process, remember to use a disinfectant while mopping and cleaning the floor. Autumn is the time when all type of viral infections surfaces in UAE. Hence, there is a need to thoroughly clean the house using disinfectant.

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