5 Things You Should Know Before Shampooing Carpet

5 Things You Should Know Before Shampooing Carpet

A majority of the modern-day homes have carpet flooring. They not only provide warmth and coziness to the room but also add to the aesthetics of the room. But one of the drawbacks of using carpets is the accumulation of dust and dirt. While normal dust can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner, stubborn stains require shampooing to bring back the original glow of the carpet. Even though shampooing is easy to do, there are a few points to be kept in mind while undertaking this task. 

  • Methods of shampooing: Firstly, you should have a clear understanding of the shampooing methods that is used for carpet. A shampoo is basically a cleaning foam that is sprayed onto the carpet and let to dry. Once dried, the residue is cleaned using a vacuum. These foams contain brighteners that provide a special glow to the carpet. There are different types of carpet shampoos that are commercially available and you can select them on the basis of your requirement. The second method of shampooing is carpet steam cleaning. Here a combination of hot water and cleaning agent is used to lather up the carpet and remove dirt.
  • Selecting the cleaning solution: While selecting the cleaning solution, one should have a clear idea of the purpose of carpet cleaning as there are separate cleaners for odor, pet stains etc.

    Carefully select the cleaning solution.

  • Preparing for shampooing: It is always advisable to work on one room at a time. Before the shampooing process begins, remove all furniture from the room and vacuum the room off dust. Then the real shampooing process begins. Begin in one corner of the room and slowly move onto rest of the area. It would be a wise idea to shampoo the same area in multiple directions so as to remove tough stains. If steam cleaning machine is used its instruction should be strictly followed. Similarly, shampoo should be used in quantity as prescribed. Otherwise, it can leave patches on the carpet and can cause dirt accumulation as well.

    Empty the room before shampooing.

  • Shampooing technique: The shampooing process is rather simple. The cleaning solution is released onto the carpet using a special button. Rotating brush at the end of the machine loosens the dirt and cleans the carpet. The cleaning solution, dust and stain are then sucked into a special tank meant for holding dirty water. Move the machine twice or thrice over the carpet surface till the water sucked is clear. This also ensures that the entire water content is sucked out.
  • Drying the carpet: Once the cleaning process is over, leave the door and window open so that the carpet can dry naturally. Carpet drying can take anytime from 2 hours to a day. Make sure that the furniture is moved indoor only after the carpet is completely dry. Otherwise, it can damage the carpet fiber.

Shampooing the carpet is a time-consuming affair that requires a lot of patience, time and space. If you think the carpet is dirty and require a thorough cleaning, it is always advisable to seek professional help as the professional cleaners will have the necessary expertise and equipment to undertake the task. Moreover, you do not have to worry about time and working space as they will have their own method of carpet cleaning.


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