How to Deal With The Infinite Laundry Cycle

How to Deal With The Infinite Laundry Cycle

Doing the laundry and ironing could be the most hated household chore of all times. The moment you think laundry has finished someone fills the laundry basket again. The stains, splits and dirt never end. But luckily we have a few tips to make it less of a hassle. With the right steps, you can decrease the effort you put on laundry and ironing.

Steam cleaning: You can use a cloth streamer to refreshen your clothes which would cut down your laundry time. Not to mention that it could be a lifesaver sometimes. It will keep your laundry fresh in between washes by killing odour-causing bacteria and removing all the allergens. You can do more than just getting rid of wrinkles from your clothes. A steamer is perfect for using on upholstery, mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning and more. As you see it’s not just a device replacing ironing.

Stains: Every sort of stain is a bit of a nightmare because you have to treat each stain in a different way. If you don’t act quickly it gets harder to get rid of. If you keep a stain remover of your choice handy it will decrease the effort as well as the detergent and water you use since you won’t need to wash it again and again. You can find a useful guide to stains plus a natural stain remover solution here.

If you know how to deal with the stains it will save time.

Laundry sorting: It takes more time than you realise. If you keep two baskets one for colours and one for whites and fill them accordingly you won’t need to sort when your washing machine craves for another load. If you are a crowded family you can put these two baskets in each room.

A load for a day: It’s less time consuming when there isn’t a mountain of laundry waiting for you. Try to do one load each day during the week.

Before drying: A good shake will cut your drying time, reduce the wrinkles and make ironing an easier task. Never forget to shake your clothes out of the washer. If you peg up your clothes make sure you pin them gently and carefully. This will also help ironing. Whichever method you use for drying your clothes once they are dried fold them immediately if ironing is not necessary.

Ironing: Another element of infinite laundry cycle may be the most hated one. But with the right knowledge, it might not be as scary as you think. You need the right tools and be aware of mistakes to avoid. Have a look at our one of the most hated chores: ironing post for more useful information on ironing. If you still struggle on liking ironing chores leave professional to handle ironing.

With the right tools in hand ironing wouldn’t be a nightmare.

Enough space: Make sure you have enough space to deal with the laundry. You don’t have to have a large laundry room to be well-organised. A countertop to fold, a cabinet to store items, ironing area if possible. It’s all about being organised. You would be surprised how much time it saves you to have a well-organised laundry room.

Dry cleaning & laundry: When you have a few clothes that need dry cleaning you can use a professional laundry service of the cleaning company as well. Justmop laundry experts collect your laundry items and deliver the next day. It’s ok to spoil yourself and give your washing machine a break time to time.

Wash, dry, iron, fold, repeat.. a never-ending cycle. But it doesn’t have to be as boring or time and effort consuming as it sounds. Getting organised and asking help when it’s necessary will break this vicious cycle.

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