Introducing Spring Cleaning

Introducing Spring Cleaning

Spring represents the life cycle. It brings life, new beginnings and joy. But for some, it may represent a work overload because it means seasonal cleaning and deep cleaning. Just relax, sit back and follow our lead. Spring cleaning 101 is here to help.

Checklist: Don’t know where to start? We usually postpone things because we don’t know where to start. But postponing only makes things worse. So grab a pen and paper if you are old-school and write down your checklist. Put everything on that list, everything you wish to accomplish, every room to be organised. It’s proven by studies that written down goals encourage people to accomplish them.

Tackle each item: When you follow your checklist make sure you tackle each one by one otherwise you will get lost. One room, one drawer, one closet, one space. When you tackle that one space, take everything out. It makes deep cleaning and deciding which one stays or goes easier.

Sorting: Here comes our favourite subject. Less is more! When you take stuff out make piles or boxes: donate, sell, keep, relocate, or to the trash. There is no point of holding on to things that you really don’t use or need. You will feel relieved when you get rid of things. And if they are still in good shape you can donate those to people who are in need. If you need extra money you can sell some. Sometimes we tuck things in places where they don’t belong when you’re in a hurry. Relocate those and put them where they really belong.

Donate your stuff and make people in need happy!

Organise: Another favourite subject of ours. When you have less stuff it’s easier to get organised and also deep clean. Getting organised means less clutter, less mess and easy deep cleaning. Use baskets and boxes to keep like items together. It saves energy and time. You know where to find or to put every item. It means less stress and less workload for everyone. This can be applied for everything in the house: fridge, linen closet, wardrobe, kitchen supplies etc.

Labelling: Labeling your boxes, baskets or jars won’t only help your house look neat and organised but help you find everything in a blink of an eye. You can use stickers or handwritten notes.

Labeling your jars will help you to find them.

Put things back: After deep cleaning is finished, things got sorted and organised, and the only thing left is to put things back where they belong.

All of the above may sound like a big hassle but if you tackle each room, drawer or closet and follow these easy steps you can deep clean your house and make it ready for this beautiful season. All of these tips will save you energy and time. It will make the next seasonal cleaning easier for you since you will be organised with less mess in the house.

Bonus tips: Since it’s spring and it’s all about colours and fresh starts why not bring that mood in the house? You don’t need to spend a fortune on decorations to change the theme in the house. With a few easy touches, you can feel spring in your lovely house. Start with pillowcases in your living room. Vivid coloured pillowcase will immediately change the mood. Lay spring coloured thin blankets on the sofa. Fill the vases with fresh spring flowers. It will change the look and the smell of the house.

When you know where and when to start deep cleaning may not be that scary but if you are occupied with work and household chores especially with children time can be a problem. When you need a hand Justmop professional cleaning services are here to help you. Book a maid service now and just think about the spring decorations!

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