Use Your Favourite Fizzy Drink For Cleaning Purposes

Use Your Favourite Fizzy Drink For Cleaning Purposes

Maybe you wish you didn’t know this but one of the most preferred drinks around the world does a great job for cleaning. You might have second thoughts of drinking cola after you read this but the drink can create miracles when it comes to cleaning and we couldn’t keep it for ourselves.

Dirty grouts: If you have grey and dirty grouts and you don’t know how to make them white and clean again here is a great tip for your bathroom. Pour cola into dirty grouts and let it sit for a while. Scrub the area with a cloth and rinse it with water. Voila! All white and clean again.

Usa cola to make the grouts white and clean again.

Calcified kettle or teapot: It’s normal that after several use kettle and teapots start pilling calcitic residue. When water boils it leaves the minerals behind while evaporating. And the minerals build up and start ruining your kettle or teapot as well as the taste of the water you put in it. In that case, grab a small bottle of cola and boil it in the kettle or teapot. Cola will take the calcitic residue away. Repeat the process until it’s completely gone. Give it a good rinse after everything’s gone.

Rusted items: We all have a few rusty items that we can’t just let it go. You can revive your rusted items thanks to this fizzy drink. The amount of cola you would need depends on the size of the objects you want to be rust free. For hand tools or cutlery, you can use a vase or a long glass. If it’s a bigger item such as a metal plate or frame use the kitchen sink, put the items in it and pour enough cola to cover the rusted items. In half an hour rust will start breaking down. When the rust is gone, brush the items gently and wash them clean.

Greased laundry: Cola is great on working grease out. Pour one can or a small bottle of cola in the washing machine with detergent. Toss in greasy or heavily soiled clothes and wash as usual.

Dirty windows: This hint applies both house windows and car windows. To get rid of extremely dirty windows pour a bottle of cola on the window and rub with a washing cloth. Wipe the cola away with a clean damp cloth.

Wipe your windows clean with a can of cola.

Burned food residue: This is a very handy tip as we all end up with a burned pan once in a while. It could be very tricky to clean burned food from the bottom of a pot or a pan. Don’t give up on your pot! Pour enough cola in it and put it on the stove on a low heat for half an hour, then wash it as normal.

The toilet: Maybe you will wish not to know this one but yet we will share as it might be a fast solution when needed. When the toilet needs to be cleaned but there is no cleaning product left in the house you can pour a can of cola into the toilet and let it sit for half an hour or so, brush the bowl and flush it.

The revelation of the cleaning abilities of cola might come as a shock but yet these are quick and helpful tips to save the day. Even though these are great home cleaning tips nothing would compare to a professional maid service. When you have full-time maid service you never need to worry about any of the above. So why don’t you book one now!

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