How To Move Without Having Nightmares

How To Move Without Having Nightmares

When it’s about changing our habitat we all have nightmares. But actually, you can turn this into an adventure, a fresh start, an opportunity to try a minimalist life. The moment you decide changing your home you have to organise your move in order to prevent having troubles and nightmares. We can’t guarantee that everything would be smooth but at least we can minimise the stress and pain it might cause. Come on, have a look at our post!

Before moving: The key to an easy boxing process is to declutter your house. While decluttering separate things that are broken, unused, unwanted etc. If you haven’t used it near past then you won’t be using it in the future. And believe us you wouldn’t want to unpack things that actually you won’t use. You can make money from things that you don’t need anymore. Try to sell them online. Also, you can donate things that could be still used by other people.

Another thing you should do is to measure your new home and your furniture to ensure that everything fits in. If there are pieces that won’t easily fit maybe you can consider to sell them as well. You can get help from apps to plan your house layout. It might help you to know in advance which piece would be better where.

As the day approaches you should start collecting boxes, bubble wrap, large sheets of paper and plastic bags. But do your search as some movers can supply boxes and also packing. This is very important as some movers might have restrictions on what they will insure based on who packed the stuff. And consider that cheaper is not usually better. You might end up with broken furniture and other items. Also, keep in mind that they are pros so they know what to do if your bed doesn’t fit down the stairs they would know how to angle it.

Start collecting boxes in advance. Check your local stores.

Moving: When the big day arrives make sure that you made a few boxes to be unpacked when you first arrive to your new home such as cleaning supplies, rags, toilet paper, toolkit, paper plates and utensils, towels everything that your family might need during settling in. And pack your necessities in a suitcase along with enough clothes. Check every box to ensure that they have labels showing which room they belong to.

Take everything valuable, expensive with your car to your new home. Keeping a list of inventory of every single thing you pack would help you to detect where they are.

After moving: First things first! Start by unpacking the bedding and making your beds. If you have a place to sleep you feel instantly home. And after long days of unpacking, you will need two things; a comfy bed and a warm shower so after making beds set up the bathroom.

It would be a wise move to work with a move in cleaning company. You wouldn’t want to deal with dirt and packed boxes at the same time. You might need another home cleaning session after you finish unpacking.

When you start unpacking do it systematically so you don’t feel lost during the process. Like put seasonal decorations into the storage right away.

Don’t forget to change your address on bills, credit cards, subscription, etc. Enjoy your new home sweet home!

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