How to Organise Your Cleaning Supplies

How to Organise Your Cleaning Supplies

Your cleaning supplies should be well organised and in hands reach in order to make home cleaning less of a hassle. When you organise your cleaning supplies you are not only going to save storage space but also time. Also if a lack of storage is what causes the mess here are some clever tips for organizing your cleaning supplies.

Buckets: Buckets are useful for multiple purposes. You can use them to group your cleaning products and store them in an organised fashion in the closet or you can make a cleaning bucket and place the supplies you need when you do home cleaning, deep cleaning or dusting. It will be easy to carry around and store. You can just grab the basket and begin.

Handheld tote: If you prefer doing deep cleaning instead of calling a cleaning company this tote could be very handy for you. A handheld tote can store many supplies and could be a big help for deep cleaning. You can also store your deep cleaning supplies in a handheld tote in the closet.

Baskets: When it comes time to organise closets baskets are your best friends. You can pick the material of course but we would only recommend wire baskets as they are more durable than mat baskets. You can group your cleaning supplies and store them in baskets. If you are into making your own cleaning products you can also store the ingredients and empty bottles here. Cleaning clothes can take up some space if they are not stored well organised. You can roll or fold them and store in the baskets.

Using a wire basket is a great option to group cleaning supplies.

Jars: Instead of keeping soaps and cotton balls in their package you can store them in big glass jars. It will look neat and save you space. If you are making your own cleaning products, big glass jars are what you need the most to store your products. You can pour powder or liquid detergents and store them in the jars.

Big glass jars are great for storing laundry detergent or cotton balls.

Hooks: Hooks are handy for every closet organisation. You can hang everything up to their carriage limit. When it comes to organising cleaning supplies hooks are a great option to hang brooms and mops behind the closet door. Two birds, one stone, you save space and the tools get dry easily.

Labels: If you make your DIY cleaning products you definitely need labels to identify your products. They will save you time and help your closet to look organised and neat.

Turntables: The best thing about turntables it gives you easy access to the products you store on it. For cleaning supplies, we suggest you opt for a plastic one.

Before starting to organise your cleaning supplies closet take everything out. Check every product to see if they are still full or should be thrown to the bin. If you are not going to use some of them for a reason get rid of them. Clean the storage and then you are good to go.

If you feel tired and don’t feel like seeing anymore cleaning products for a while Justmop would happily take it over. Have a look at our website and decide what cleaning session is best for you, deep cleaning or home cleaning.

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