How To Stay Productive During The Day

How To Stay Productive During The Day

Don’t we all struggle to keep our concentration during the day? There is always something to distract us, which in turn doubles our effort every day and every moment. Staying focused and improving your productivity is easier than you think. We hope these tips will help you a lot especially if you are working from home. Take a look.

Have a designated workplace: If your home is also your office this applies to you. Having a designated workplace will improve your productivity during day and get you organised. It does’t matter if it’s a desk or your dining table what matters is to have a regular place to work. You will soon notice that you get organised and stay focused much more easier than before.

Have yourself a designated workplace.

Declutter: This is our favourite topic. Studies show that clutter decreases your productivity and creativity. When there is too much stuff around and all the household chores have piled up your mind has difficulties to focus. To avoid distractions make sure your workplace is clutter-free as well as your house. Just keep necessary and useful things around. Giveaway, donate, sell or throw away all the things you don’t actually need. You will see that it will make you feel lighter and renewed. You can find more information in one of our posts: why you should get rid of clutter.

Keep it tidy: Related to the previous subject when your house is a mess your brain feels like a mess. Don’t exhaust your brain with the chores waiting to be done. Organise your day wisely. The best way is to seek professional help from a maid service. When you get help you won’t be worrying about home cleaning anymore and your house will be organised as will your brain. If you are not working from home don’t think this doesn’t apply to you. Keep your office and workplace tidy as much as possible to make focusing easier. If you run the office Justmop’s professional team has got your back. Book a cleaning session for office cleaning and don’t worry about a thing.

Take regular breaks: This one is very important for your mental and physical health. You should give your mind a break for a few minutes and move your body away from whatever you are doing. When you start doing this you will see the benefits quickly.

Get a planner: There is nothing wrong with writing things down. Get yourself an organiser and take notes. Have a to-do-list and prioritize your tasks. Having a planner might help you to have things done much easier and quicker.

Get a planner, take notes.

Have snacks and drinks on hand: Nobody can concentrate on an empty stomach. Food will keep you going. Keep healthy snacks nearby so you don’t feel hungry when you work and don’t fill your stomach with junk food. Also hydration is very important through the day. When you don’t drink enough water you start feeling tired which makes being productive almost impossible. And of course coffee is always a good idea to have around.

Get a good night sleep: 8 hours of sleep is the key to survive a busy day. Make sure that you always have enough and a deep sleep. If you can’t sleep at night your bedding might be the reason. Justmop can help you with mattress cleaning and improve your sleeping quality. Mattress cleaning is necessary for everyone but especially if you suffer from allergies don’t neglect your mattress too long. Have a look at our post about how to prevent allergens for more information.

Don’t hesitate to share your tips for a more productive day in the comments below. We hope everyday will be a productive day for you!

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