Keep Your Home Clean With These Hacks

Keep Your Home Clean With These Hacks

Just like home cleaning is not a hassle by itself, keeping it clean is another major problem. We all sacrifice our weekends or our days off to clean the house and go back to work exhausted. Some say a clean house is a sign of wasted life. 🙂 Well, we guess after experiencing this first-hand nobody could disagree. What would you think if we say you can change this for good? And it’s simpler than you would think. All you need to do is to change your daily habits by one by.

Don’t wait for the right moment: It means that you should deal with whatever comes through the door immediately. Changing your habit ‘how you deal with the mess’ will help you a lot to keep your home cleaned. You can start by throwing away all junk mails right away. Don’t let them pill up! When you come from grocery shopping put everything where they belong. If you went shopping don’t let the new outfits hang around. Hang them or toss them in the machine if you are going to wash them.

Less is more: Yes, again! We can’t stop talking about our motto. Keep it simple! Never forget “less is more”. When you have less stuff around fewer dust piles up and it makes it easier to dust and even do the deep cleaning. Limit everything you own. This applies to dishes, laundry, clothes, jewellery everything you can think of. Nobody needs 20 cups in the kitchen or 10 towels per person. And let’s admit that we don’t need that many clothes when we keep wearing the same bunch. Keep three baskets in a visible place; one for donation, one for things to throw away and the last one is for the things you can sell. It’s a great way to get rid of unnecessary stuff. If you wish to read more about why you should get rid of clutter here is a post we wrote last year.

Limit everything you own including bed sheets, pillow cases, towels and more.

Keep counters clear and clean: Keeping less stuff on the counters will create an amazing transformation. But it doesn’t mean you should tuck everything in the cabinets and drawers. Remember: less is more! When you have less stuff on the counters your kitchen or bathroom will immediately look simple and chic. And of course, it will take just one swipe to clean the counters.

Make your bed: It’s a very simple task to start with. Because your bed is the main object in your bedroom making your bed will make your bedroom look neat right away. But the good thing is that you don’t have to make your bed right after you get up. You should air your bed before making. Our post about how to take good care of your bedding might be what you are looking for if you need some tips.

Making your bed every day will immediately make your bedroom look neat.

Involve everyone in the house: If you have a family or share the house home cleaning is everyone’s task. Don’t try to burden the household chores by yourself. If you have kids you should definitely involve them in housework. There is always a suitable task for every age. Check out our post about how to involve children in housework and why.

Schedule your cleaning: If you organise your time well home cleaning won’t be a nightmare. Prepare a checklist for home cleaning. If you follow your daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal routine cleaning won’t be a hassle anymore. To help you we prepared a home cleaning cheat sheet for you.

Everything starts with getting organised in the house. You can keep your house organised within two minutes. It will make your house look neat and make it easier to clean. But if you don’t feel like dealing with home cleaning or deep cleaning Justmop professional cleaning services are at your service.

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