Keep Your Home Eco Friendly This Year

Keep Your Home Eco Friendly This Year

Eco-friendliness is the buzzword everywhere. Whether it is in constructing your house, doing up your interiors or purchasing products for your home. We need to take a lot of effort to reduce the negative impact we create on our environment.  So why not start from our own home? Here are some small tips, if followed correctly, can have a positive impact on our environment.


  • Do you know that using CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) bulb can reduce the power consumption by 66%? Then why not try it out in your living room? If you have Living cum dining room, install the bulb in a strategic position so that one bulb can light up two areas.
  • If you are planning to invest in new furniture this year, go for ones that use natural glue, organic fabric and renewable wood. You can even try using second-hand furniture which is easily available in UAE.
  • Always leave the curtain and blinds open during the daytime so that maximum sunlight reaches your home. This will reduce the dependence on the electric bulb.
  • Improve the indoor air quality by going for indoor plants.

Leave curtain open for sunlight to enter the house.


  • Go for locally available fruits and vegetables for cooking purpose. There are a lot of organic bazaars and markets around UAE where local products are sold.
  • Reduce depending on chemical products to clean your kitchen and utensils. Vinegar, baking soda and lemon are natural products that can be used for cleaning purpose.
  • Always keep the refrigerator away from sunlight as the heat of the sun make the refrigerator work harder to keep it cool.
  • Do not open the refrigerator at regular intervals as it increases the energy consumption.

Vinegar, baking soda and lemon are natural cleaning products.


  • Use organic bedspread and pillow cover for your bedroom.
  • During winter months, use woolen blankets instead of polyester as wool is more eco-friendly
  • To add fragrance to your bedroom, use an essential oil instead of artificial room freshener.

    Use essential oil used as room freshener.


  • Use water judiciously. Fix all leaky taps and turn it off when not in use.
  • Installing a low-flow toilet and shower head helps in saving water
  • Just like living room, use indoor plants in the bathroom to purify the air.
  • Use bath towels that are made of organic cotton.
  • Organic bath products like soap, shampoo and moisturizer also adds to eco-friendly living.

Use indoor plant in the bathroom to purify air.


  • While painting the house, go for paints that are organic or that use less chemicals.
  • Air drying the clothes is healthier and helps in saving electricity.
  • While using washing machine, always wash clothes at low temperature.
  • Buy electronic appliances with star rating for energy efficiency.
  • Grow your own vegetables either in the balcony or in your garden and use organic compost for fertilizing.
  • Go for plants that are native to UAE like Amaranthus, Arabian Oxeye and Carmulla.
  • Use organic and homemade pesticide like garlic oil for your plants.

Go for plants that are native to UAE.

These simple steps taken to make your home eco-friendly goes a long way in reducing carbon footprint and making our environment worth living.

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