New Year, New Resolutions

New Year, New Resolutions

Take this year to achieve new goals or resolutions which you have never achieved. The new year is like a notebook with 365 blank pages and waiting for you to write your own story. So make it the best! If you don’t know where to start we hope our post helps you!

It’s better to start by being organised. It will help you to focus. Not being distracted by your stuff or your to-do list you will increase your productivity. It’s important that you keep your life, including your digital life, well organised. You can create a schedule. Sometimes it’s good to keep things old school. Write it down. So it will be right there before your eyes all the time to remind you. Here are few tips and idea for you to start.

Your Desk / Your Office

We spend most of our day in our office or in our home office. Start getting things organised from there first. After you see how being organised helps you, it will be easier to carry this habit in every part of your life.

Many electronic devices became an essential part of our daily life. But they also cause cable mess on floor or on the desk. An easy trick will save you from this mess and it’s a good way to start getting things organised.

  • Binder Clips

Clip binder clips to the side of the desk to hold cables. Thread through the metal part to keep cords tangle free.

An easy way to organise device cables.

  • Kitchen Basket

Hang a kitchen basket under your desk or shelf to keep the cords organised.

An alternative way to use kitchen basket.

  • Command Center

Easy way to stay organised. Notes, to-dos, calendars, keys, shelves, mail holder and many more in just one place. All you need to do is look up.

Command center will help you to stay organised.

Your House

The main reason we have clutter around is just because we can’t let things go. When you start letting things go you will have less clutter and you will only have the things that you actually use. You can set a goal for this year: if you buy one thing, get rid of two. And this applies for everything in your house. But before you decide what is going to stay and what is going not to you have to organise your stuff. We shared some suggestions before. Maybe they will inspire you. You can read our posts here and here.

There are two ways for getting rid of your stuff. If it is not possible to use it any more just throw it in the trash bin. Keeping unusable stuff in the house will get you and your houses’ energy down. It will also cause clutter. If you have stuff that you no longer use but just keep in the closet or cabinet, donate them. Keep a donation box and put stuff in it immediately. Making others happy will make you happy and it will help you to keep things minimalist.

Keep a donation box for everything you don’t use.

Your Digital Life

If you dedicate 15 minutes everyday for your digital life, it won’t become an avalanche. Do not postpone things, in any part of your life. You can start a routine for everyday of the week. Just pick one thing to do for your digital life every single day. So it will be easy to organise your digital photo albums, backups, read and organise e-mails, or delete unnecessary information etc. You spend most of your time using your computer and/or tablet but when you turn it on pending to-dos distract you. This routine might help you to keep focus.

15 minutes a day will help you to organise your digital life.

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