Organise Your House In 18 Days

Organise Your House In 18 Days

Whenever you try to be more organised life gets in the way, we know it first hand. But we have a little secret to share! We know how you can easily organise everything in just 18 days! It may rather sound like an everyday challenge. But when you complete it you will feel light and amazing! Complete each task in one day and see the result yourself at the end of the challenge.


1) Closet: Get rid of everything that you don’t or can’t wear anymore. If your cloths are still wearable donate them if not throw them away. When you give unnecessary outfits away you will have less thing to organise. It will ease the process.

2) Under the bed: We all put things under the bed, the things that we don’t want to deal with at that time. But under the bed is storage area rather than for junk. So throw away everything you keep under the bed and make a good storage area of it.

3) Dresser: Well, this may take longer than other tasks as dressers  may be very messy sometimes. You have check every make up item’s expiration date and throw away the ones that you don’t use. The difficult part may be to untangle your necklaces.

4) Side table: Clear every unnecessary item from the side tables.

5) Laundry basket: Place a laundry basket for each occupied room. This will prevent dirty laundry piles around the house.

Clear every unnecessary item from the side tables.


1) Cabinets: Empty all the cabinets and clear them inside out. Only put things that you actually use.

2) Fridge: It would be a wise move to clean and organise your fridge on the day that you go to the supermarket for your weekly grocery shopping.

3) Food pantry: It’s highly possible that you have many supplies that expired. Find them and get rid of them.

4) Countertops: You possibly don’t need everything you keep on your countertops. Give away or sell the gadgets you don’t really need and make space on your countertops.

Empty your fridge, clean the shelves and only put food in good condition back.


1) Medicine cabinet: It’s very important that you regularly check the expiration date of the medicines you keep in your cabinet.

2) Shower: All the empty shower and shampoo bottles need to be in the bin not in the shower!

Don’t keep empty bottles in the shower!

Living Room

1) TV console: Detect any misplaced items and place them where they belong.

2) Blankets and pillows: If you don’t fold blankets, don’t fluff the pillow and place them in the right place your living room will have a messy look.

3) Coffee and side tables: Keep only useful stuff on the tables.

4) Shelves: DVDs, books and other stuff you keep on your shelves should be placed where they belong.

If you don’t want to keep blankets on the couch you can place them in a basket after folding.


1) Rack: Coats, jackets and cardigans that you hang day after day make a pile at the end of the week. To avoid that hang everything where it should have been.

2) Linen closet: You can make baskets and label them in order to keep the closet organised.

3)Entryway: Remove every misplaced or unnecessary item in the way.

Use little lables for organising your linen closet.

Keep exploring our blog if you are looking for clever ways to easily organise your house. If you prefer to get some help for organisation, Justmop‘s professional maids can do it for you! Book a maid now.


  1. sam - thảm chùi chân - October 21, 2017 reply

    Good tips for anyone who live alone like me 🙂

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