Organising Your Cleaning Supplies

Organising Your Cleaning Supplies

It’s not always possible to find extra space for cleaning supplies in our homes. So we keep some of them in a place and others somewhere else. But actually, if you can create a storage area for your cleaning supplies you would be surprised how much time and effort you can save. Because when you need something you would know where to look. All you need is some wise advice and look at that we have some for you!

Clean out: First, find every cleaning supply in the house. Empty the closet if you have or drawer, wherever you keep your cleaning supplies. Go through everything you have. Get rid of what you don’t need, don’t use or finished. Once you see what you have it will be easier to organise the closet.

Lazy Susan turntables: These turntables are very handy when it comes to organising. They come in different materials. For your cleaning supply closet, you can choose a plastic one as the products can damage the wooden one. You can keep DIY, eco-friendly cleaning products together or group any products. It gives you equal access to each product and gives you more space.

Lazy Susans are great for grouping your cleaning supplies.

Wire baskets: For organising your linen closet you suggested you get mat baskets but for your cleaning supplies wire baskets would a better option as mat baskets would be damaged too easily. You can use wire baskets to organise big bottled care products as well as for your cleaning cloths. Have many as your closet can store. They very handy to group mops, clothes, bottles, empty spray bottles etc.

Wire baskets can be used for storing cleaning clothes.

Big glass jars: If you have DIY cleaning powders big glass jars are perfect to store them. You can also keep your soaps or clothespin in them, it’s totally up to you and your creativity.

Hooks: It depends on if your closet or storage is suitable to hang hooks. Hooks will keep mops and brooms organised, and because you keep them hanged they will dry easily.

Cleaning buckets: Cleaning buckets are not necessarily just for cleaning. You can use them for other purposes such as storing your empty bottles and sprayers for your DIY cleaning products. It’s also easy to dry them in the basket after washing them out. You can use cleaning baskets to group your supplies and carry it with you around the house such as dusting, wet cleaning or drying supplies.

You can carry your cleaning products around the house with the cleaning buckets.

Handheld tote: This is another option for you to carry your cleaning supplies around the house during deep cleaning. This one can keep many cleaning supplies so it is very handy when it’s time for deep cleaning.

The handheld tote can keep many cleaning supplies which makes it very handy when it comes to deep cleaning.

Labels: If you are making your own cleaning products we totally support you. Don’t forget to have a look at our post about 8 DIY cleaning products. One of the good things about making your own cleaning product is that you get to decide the label. There are tons of lovely labels you can find online. Find the right one for you to make your cleaning supply closet neater.

It’s not about the space you have but how you use it. With the right products, you can add function and end the clutter. We hope you found a few ideas for organising your cleaning supplies. Now, if you have organised your supplies but still not motivated enough to start deep cleaning Justmop is here for you! Just book a maid and we will do it for you!

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