Tips For A Clutter Free Home

Tips For A Clutter Free Home

Clutter inside the house can not only be annoying but also spoils the entire look of the house. It makes the room look messy, less organized and creates a bad impression on others. How much you try to beautify the house the whole purpose is defeated if the house is cluttered. Thus, keeping the house neat and organized is the need of the hour.

Here are a few tips you can follow for a clutter less home

  • Buy according to your need: Just because your neighbor bought a sofa set does not mean that you also go for one. Until and unless you need something, do not buy it. Half of the clutter can be avoided this way. This is especially so in the case of kid’s clothes and toys were parents have a tendency to buy more than what they need.
  • Discard unused items: Organize your cupboard every in 2-3 months and discard all the unused items. You can either recycle those items or give for charity. Do not stock up those items that are less likely to be used in the future. Kids apparels and toys, old text books etc are few of the items that are likely to be stocked for future use. Also, remember to de-clutter and organize the kid’s closet a week before every birthday.

Organize your cupboard every in 2-3 months.

  • Keep things organized: Remember to keep everything in its designated place after use. Children should also be taught this valuable lesson. “A place for everything and everything in its place” should be the motto. If you think that there is not enough space to stack up everything, then you can go for small boxes where things can be kept neatly. In fact, you can develop this as a habit to keep things in its place.
  • Use less paper: Paper is the main source of clutter in most houses. Going paper free helps in reducing the clutter. Opt for online bills and receipts instead of paper. Subscribe to online newspaper and magazine. All this helps in reducing paper clutter inside the house.
  • Filing: Make filing a part of your daily routine. There are certain papers that are unavoidable like receipt of electronic goods and warranty card. Remember to file them so that it not only clears the clutter but also makes it easy to trace it later.

Make filing a part of your daily routine.

  • Use a clutter bag: Keep a clutter bag in each room of the house and throw the things that need to be organized in it. That way the room remains neat and clean and you can organize the things in the bag later.

Over and above all, developing a habit of orderly living can go a long way in keeping your home clutter free. Right from the small things in your house like keys and purse, try to keep everything in its place. Cultivate this habit among other family members as well. This helps a lot in keeping the house orderly and well organized.

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